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Everybody back from Cannes? All tanned, hung-over and suitcases stuffed with Lions? Good for you. And yes, I mean that as sarcastically as it sounds. Because like every year, I planned to go but then put it off for so long the only flights left were either € 500 or departing from Eindhoven. Sometimes both. So like every year, I ended up staying in Amsterdam while the entire who’s who of advertising laureled the year’s greatest work and themselves under the Mediterranean sun.

Luckily, the sulking home front gets to be updated in fivefold via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and LinkedIn on all the fun they’re missing out on. Preferably using clever punny captions like Yes we Cannes, Cannes not wait or Cannes’t believe this party! Amidst this barrage of overexposed pool & underexposed party pics, I also spotted the occasional brilliant campaign.

Of course I wanted to be in those pictures too, sipping on gin ‘n juice in an infinity pool or spinning records with Diddy. But the fact of the matter is, I was also on a job last week. As a freelancer, the trade off is very simple: do I go to the Riviera for two days and obliterate a small fortune and my liver, or do I take on a project and actually make some money? Last year I had already even booked my flight and decided not to go after all because of said dilemma.

This year, I was once again torn between showing my face at the many sun-drenched parties and churning out some work in the faint glow of my laptop screen. They say you’re only as good as your latest work, but the abundant networking galore in Cannes got me thinking: is your perceived worth based on the people you know or the projects you do? As a freelancer, is it better to go to Cannes and mingle or can Cannes and work? And with this dilemma that makes me sound like the Carrie Bradshaw of advertising, I’ll let you get back to work. Hope to see you next year!

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